Getting High

It’s exactly what you think

Red sign saying no drugs or nuclear weapons allowed inside
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So What would you like to know?

I am an open book, ready to give a brief glimpse. Hey I don’t have anything better to do. I melt my mind with drugs, and love it. Oh my god, it’s a wonderful thing. Don’t you worry, I do things in moderation but I can overindulge which I rightly deserves. I don’t have an problems, and I can quit whenever. It’s just taking a bit longer to quit is all……Drugs are amazing. The End.

And April Fools!!!

Hahaha I got you guys going there for a second? If I didn’t well at least I tried and you hopefully read it. To those that know me, I am fine and taking it day by day nothing to worry about(seriously I am fine). But I wanted to get your attention to this article for one purpose only…..write to help me learn something, you as readers learn something or be entertained, and writing to creating something meaningful. Now I will not go into a huge sob story about it, so that’s the reason I mentioned. Writing is something, that connects us in weird, but interesting ways.

We can write down our thoughts

What do I mean by that? I mean writing out how you feel in a given moment, or after a long day. With all of us in self-quarantine mode, taking each day in and trying to make the most of a bad and unique situation. We can have a lot going on in our head, with a lot of us stressing about unemployment, income, relationships stressed by this, whatever has been ailing us.

If you have a journal, whether it’s physically in a notebook or on a computer attempt to write out how you feel. It’s like being able to actually have a conversation with yourself without sounding like you completely lost your mind!!! I’ve recently started journaling, and it has been helping me out a lot. It’s great being able to jot down your own thoughts to help empty your head. We live in a world, where connectivity is everything especially now more than ever.

We are seeing more and more people, institutions and businesses using services such as zoom to be able to still function. It’s interesting having a zoom call with my fraternity brothers, granted the zoom meeting was the same in terms of feeling like a chapter meeting, but it was different enough for me to think on it now. With connectivity, comes more information and figuring which information is good for us to take in especially keeping an eye on the news.

Too much news can be bad for us at least in my opinion, and I feel we deserve a break from that. That we take a step back and process what we learned today, yesterday and what we could learn tomorrow. We need to be able to find a place to dump all that excess stuff, so why not a journal? But more importantly, writing things down in journals help us be able to really think through our own emotions, dreams, concerns, and struggles. Being able to write down in your journal, especially about your struggles helps with being coping it I believe.

We can write to make a living

It’s pretty surprising the amount of jobs you can get just writing. Am I personally writing to one day make a living on it? Maybe. Is it my ultimate goal? No. Do I love it? Absolutely.

Writing can take in many forms of jobs especially working from home such as, content writing, copywriting, marketing, SEO, niche writing, the list goes on and on. Now, I’m just getting my feet wet into this writing venture. Do I see my writing going anywhere? I don’t know, I’m not a genie. Is it something that I will keep at? Yes.

There’s plenty of opportunities online you can search for, you can make a living writing here at medium for example. You can get paid from your articles, you get paid by how much reading someone did to your article. At least that’s how I see it from my learning of the community I am a part of.

Below this article if you made it this far, I will post links that I believe best help you figure if writing is for you, and the jobs you can get. I am not affiliate marketing for anyone, just want to share knowledge to help those that could need it.

We can write to connect

What is great about writing? It’s being able to write about characters, concepts, ideas and feelings that we all can relate to. Look at books, if you’re a bookworm like me books are a gem. Books are what helps us forget even for a second our own world, and transport us to a new one. Books are what help us make connections, and learn lessons in ways that touch us differently. Whether you read books for fun, for work or school there’s nothing better than a book that just grabs you from the first page, or an article that catches your attention.

What’s great about that is the sense of community around these books, and articles. If you say a book, or article’s name and someone knows about it the joy of knowing is like finding out your good friend you haven’t seen in god knows how long goes to the same grocery store as you and you haven’t ran into each other yet(or they have and proceed to avert eyes in what would probably an awkward conversation).

Writing about what we believe in, whether that’s in the characters and worlds we build, the studies we conduct, the news we give, whatever we do with writing feel connected with one another. Hell a post on social media helps us feel connected with one another.

What’s to take away from all this?

To be fair, I don’t necessarily know. I’m just writing about writing and how it helped me with this self-quarantine and uncertain times, and how it could apply to you. Look, we all don’t know what the future hold for us even now. We’re scared, stressed, angry, and hopeful. We need to be able to process all of it.

Whether you’re journaling, writing for a blog, newspaper, a book you thought of or writing just because can help make life today a little bit easier on ourselves and our souls. This isn’t trying to be deep, or paint a grim picture on the life we’re living today and big ends of times speeches on the stock market, world or otherwise. We all don’t know, but it’s hard not being able to know and writing can help make it a little bit more bearable each day.

Here’s the link I mentioned I would post & my own articles if you’re interested in my writing:

My Recent article:



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