So, What’s Next?

Acknowledging the past and preparing for the future

A Greek life student sitting in front of his Fraternity banner
Photo Provided By Myself

Here we are with the year almost wrapping up for us here at Eastern and there’s a lot that we need to process. The person in the picture is Carter. He is one of my very good friends and the outgoing President of my chapter. I have the fortune of getting to know him since my freshman year, and to top it off I became president after him. This happened a few weeks ago, or so. I’m scared shitless and have a lot on my plate. I have to meet lots of people, get started on plans to make

Those are a few of the things I have to keep in mind, and that’s not even including what I’m thinking of right now. Am I stressed? Eh, and that’s because of my schooling. Am I worried? Eh a little, but not too much. It’s like being in limbo and finding your way through it. It’s made me read on documents. Documents on bylaws, code of conduct, etc. It’s not only to understand the rules but also to know what is expected of me.

The values through my fraternity are what I do my best to live by. Being a President, or not those values are something I take to heart.

Men Of Courage

This is someone who is bold and daring in his actions. He is someone who doesn’t shy away from breaking through the mold. Who stays with their convictions, shows principled leadership, and embraces change.

This is something I try to go by each day that I’m breathing. I don’t know if I’m anywhere close to what is described. The positions I took were: Secretary, Social Chair, Alumni Relations, Fundraising(kinda). Each position I’ve taken I do my best to build upon those before me.

I do my best to learn from all and apply it to my own work and tasks. There are times where I’ve done great and times where I dropped the ball hard.

I’m always thinking of ideas, I’m always thinking all the time. I can’t help but do that, and right now it's those same ideas put into action. These ideas aren’t something that I could do by myself. I need my brothers to help make those ideas happen but only if they feel the need and want to in their own way.

Teamwork makes the dream work. Life happens, shit happens, and people change. Whatever the reason we’re all human and think of ourselves more often than not. We’re a brotherhood, but we’re our own individual man as well that helps make a brotherhood happen. Whether we're at an event together, or hanging out.

Men Of Action

Who is he? Someone who’s committed to the betterment of the human condition with principle and sincerity. He doesn’t wait for others to act. When a person is in need, or injustice happens, or an opportunity to better the world around him, he goes and lends a hand.

Do you understand? Whatever happens to help better himself, and his chapter is up to whatever action he decides to take. With each choice I decide to make, I want to make not only for the betterment of my own chapter but for me as well.

I’m human, and I fall. I don’t consider myself the greatest of role models either. Do I consider myself a leader? Yes and no. I think of myself as a leader because of my love for others, and wanting to see the best out of them. A leader to me is someone who does that and is able to get them through any storm. On one hand though, I don’t think of myself as a leader, because of my own securities and my own demons and mistakes I’ve made.

I can be pretty hard on myself as you can tell. Sometimes it’s almost toxic to me because I also go to another headspace I see more of, whether it’s from my own trigger of depression or whatever. If I say, I’m fine it means I’m not but I don’t want to talk more about how I’m feeling. Not everyone can be my therapist, but I do know I need an outlet and see someone. It will happen over time, but not now.

Until then, each day is a day where I help my chapter move forward, or myself being a little better each day. Most of what I’m going through is of my own doing, most of it because of my own doing and choice. For a large chunk of time, it didn’t sit well with me. Which I don’t get because it was something I wanted but I was more than content on wrestling with that. Things happened, and now I’m feeling more than that.

Men Of Excellence

Who is he? A man who tries to strive for excellence in all areas of his life. He is someone in constant self-development and pursuit of total perfection. Someone who is committed to a lifelong experience in society, wisdom, culture, enlightenment, and truth. Someone who improve those experiences. This man is someone who exemplifies the ideals and core values of Delta Sigma Phi.

Now, this is an area I know well because I try and improve each day that I’m here. I’m not perfect by any means, I’m alright. Talk to people who know me, they can give you more of a clearer answer than I.

But despite all that, I do my best to make the best choices each day but there are days where I made stupid choices and I get it. We all make stupid choices. I’m young 22 about to be 23 next Thursday(Wink Wink). I linger too much on to those stupid choices I make because of the fact my mom raised me better than that.

I’m single right now, and it is all for the best. I decided to break it off, because of my own reasons which is to say definitely blew up in a manner where I didn’t see going. I have to figure things out with myself, starting with being more honest with myself. That will take a lot of time, and daily work on myself. I need to figure out more of what I want. But make sure that I give respect, and I mean the respect that not only I deserve but others deserve as well.

So, no don’t ask it’s our business and business that shouldn’t be repeated now or ever unless we say so. I’m vulnerable now, but that doesn’t give an open invitation to the details. All I want to do with this is to write. I write not only to learn something about myself, but to give you something of value whether it’s a story, or a lesson, or something to think about. I don’t write to gossip, or be a puff piece. The world has enough of that shit, I would rather find honest, literature that helps me and informs. Not gossip to think about.



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